Yellow Challenge and Happiness

My yellow collection from Provence has inspired two fellow bloggers to create yellow galeries of their own. Visit Pierrmorgan and The snow melts somewhere for their yellow inspirations. While I felt the challenge to keep on collecting the yellow pictures, now in Oslo, Norway. That feels so right for this season when we are expecting more sun and color. So here are my finds so far.

As I started looking around, yellow popped up everywhere. Particularly, I discovered a lot of yellow houses in my hipster neighborhood of Gruneløkka. It is famous for many cafes, places to eat and sweet tiny shops, as well as vibrant night life. All my pictures are taken there. Yellow is the color of Easter in Norway, but I tried to think outside of that box when looking for the motives. And i love the tradition of setting the daffodils on the cafe terraces.

By the way, today FN published the report of the world’s happiest and saddest countries where Norway occupies the first place as the  happiest country. It makes me ask many questions. As we, living in Norway, go around complaining about the climate, lack of sunlight and the strong introvert bias of the culture – while many people report high score of contentment with their lives (and I would do it too!). What is at work here? People’s ability to synthesize happiness in any circumstances? Or the proof that economical stability is necessary for the basic feeling of happiness? Though they say money can’t buy happiness – but a sure economical level should be there for the general contentment with life. But what is that secret with Nordic countries that make Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark occupy the top five? What about Germany with its place # 16? It is the country with good economics, prominent history and culture, great cities -what do they lack to be in the top? Is it all that famous Scandinavian hygge? Can it explain it all?

Anyway, I am lucky to write these lines from the world’s happiest country😊. Even though it doesn’t feel like spring and I still wear my winter clothes while watching trees in bloom on Instagram, somewhere in Paris – but maybe, our weather complains are only a luxury problem. Which means we have no other things to complain about 😆. So cheers for that!

P. S. If you feel like joining the yellow hunt – just join and let me know! I would be thrilled to see your yellow collection!

9 thoughts on “Yellow Challenge and Happiness

  1. Nice post, love those yellow pics! Especially the flowers! Oh, I’m so waiting to see flowers, open terraces and spring clothes! ❤️ Lucky you in the world’s happiest country! 😊 Peace and peacefullness are at least things that we humble Nordic people appreciate and have. As for Finland’s high score, I remember it wasn’t long ago when it was well known over here that Finland ranked among the countries with the highest suicide rates. I haven’t looked at the statistics now so I don’t know if that’s changed of if they just omitted it from this research…

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