5 Things – About Inspiration

I continue to share my 5 things, and today I want to share the things that inspire me. These are not the things that have the fetish status and the power to kindle my inspiration any time, but rather the small details of my life which – when I start collecting them – have the ability to sparkle joy and excitement inside of me. And it feels like they make the small holes through which the flood of inspiration breaks through and takes me in its flow, like the water finds little holes in the dam and then smashes it, flowing freely.

My previous post was about our use of social media, but I haven’t mentioned the positive sides of them (and the post was not critical towards the social media, rather how we use them). My favorite one, Instagram, is an inspiration for me, because it sends me on the search for beauty in my nearest surroundings, which I started to consider boring and not so pretty. But the new interest for detail gives me a fresh eye, and I end up with finding a lot of tiny wonders. Right now I love the function “stories” because as I make my first snaps, I get a feeling of a treasure hunt- and after short time I have to stop myself because there are funny and pretty little things everywhere 🙂 So all of the pictures below I made for IG and “Stories”, and collecting them is such a fun way to be mindful and grateful for the beauty around me.

  1. On our trip to the Southern France I decided to collect everything yellow. We were driving through the region of Occitanie, and I decided that the famous shop L’Occitane  is from these places – and as its color is yellow, so must this region be. You can guess what happened after that. I was noticing yellow things everywhere. Isn’t it weird how you start noticing whatever you make your mind up for? So if we decide to collect the positive vibes – surely we will notice them everywhere, right? So let’s do that! And let this yellow postcard be a reminder of that.


City bikes, spring flowers and French breakfast in Montpellier. Yellow boat in the port of Marseille


2. Yesterday I was walking in a pretty neighborhood of Majorstua in Oslo. It was cold, lonely and getting dark, the wind was freezing – then I saw this door (and I love doors, and I don’t care how cliche that may sound :)) and took a picture of it. Though on my first thought I passed it by, thinking: “My fingers will fall off freezing if I start taking pics. I will come back some weeks later”. But then I turned back, took that photo – and the flood has found its hole. Suddenly it was not so  sad on the streets, I was discovering the lights, windows, architecture details and even a red Vespa (I love Vespas!). I was like a happy kid on a scavenger hunt, having fun with my phone when everyone was hurrying home for the warm dinner. It was pure magic! What happened in that moment? The love (for doors) has saved me? 🙂

3. Today I am inspired by the colors in my room and the souvenirs – they remind me of warm and colorful places I have visited. Those square boxes are lavender-colored soap from Provence, and the round one – a box of mint drops I bought in the French supermarket. The postcard with tiles (I have already proclaimed my love for blue tiles in the previous post of 5 things :)) I bought in Portugal 2 years ago. And the colorful bag commercial I picked in the bag store in Sardinia, Italy, last summer. I am in love with colors, and they always make me happy. Especially important during the long Norwegian winter, they are like vitamins for my eyes.


4. My morning has started not with coffee and my computer as it often does. Today I had little time before a meeting, so I got these things together: to write out the quotes out of the book I am reading right now (“Live Your Ideal Life” by Rich Pryn). I like to write a quote of the week into my planner ( all about colors again – and inspirational phrases :)), and the pink notebook is my journal. Because the quotes wake up a whole new flow of thoughts…

5. On a little tour in the neighborhood I went through two shops: the bookstore which shares its space with a cafe. What can be a better combination than coffee and books? 🙂 I love bookstores, though I usually shop e-books online. But being a book fan since I was a kid, I love the places with books, it makes me feel lost in space and time. I love libraries, bookstores and even coffeeshops that have books gain always an extra point with me 🙂

And then I walked through “Søstrene Grene”, the Scandinavian shop for home, arts and crafts articles and other tiny things. Not for the sake of buying, but for the sake of walking, like in a cozy forest. The little pretty things make me glad – so what can I do? 🙂 Like these candies – I don’t like eating candies, but their prettiness makes my heart melt. When I have a bigger home, I will buy them and put into the glass jars – only as a decoration 🙂

Have a happy week and share your inspiration! If this post has made you smile (or run out with your mobile camera, even if it’s freezing cold)  – let me know 😉

P.S. Can you find how many yellow things are there in the other pictures? It suddenly crossed my mind, that my yellow theme is still on 🙂

35 thoughts on “5 Things – About Inspiration

  1. Lovely! I think you made inspired me to go a yellow collage post… When I first started blogging 2 years ago, I entered the Daily Post’s photo challenge for the first time and the theme was Orange – I did a gallery of assorted photos with orange in them. I think now I’ll repeat it and do a yellow one (one day soon) ! Thanks for the inspiration 😉 PS. How did you like Montpellier? I spent my Erasmus exchange year there and loved it!


  2. Okay – I just made a yellow collage post too – linking to you…and The Snow Melts Somewhere…she got me here to you 🙂 Wonderful post. Thank you!

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  3. it is so cool what you do…..I don’t see the beauty of the world like you, I cannot explaine and express my impressions of the world…..little off top: bags from point 3 reminded me pictures connecting to Doctor Who pics (do you know this tv-show)?

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    • Thank you! I think, I have this talent, but I believe everyone has it. To look at the world in wonder. We just forgot when we grew up 🙂 It starts with the small things, and you can start anytime if you want.
      No, I don’t know that show. Is it a funny show?


      • it is always starts with small things, yes…I know my problem, why I do not can relax and enjoy the beauty of each thing…..during my childhood I was bombarded by the idea that it is not practical. To be number 1 in Math and/or in Phisics – that’s good and super. Languages and fine arts…”Ok, it is also good, but…” (не помню слово…..”второстепенное” хотела написать, одним словом, старая борьба между физиками и лириками, хотя лично мне интересно ВСЁ, и физика, и лирика) but it is not something serious enough to apply your energy. So, now it is very difficult to see pure beauty of the moment/day/world, even the fact that I adore the art museums and I can spend hours before the impressionists….it doesn’t help to see the REALLY ASTONISHING world…
        Oh, “Doctor Who”……it is impossible to express the feelings about it in several phrases! It is the longest TV-show (serial) in the world. It is british, the core if it begins in London and….it is easier to read about it in Wiki than listen/read the speech of a fan! Maybe it doesn’t captivateevery heart, but if it happens…..you are lost )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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      • I know this eternal division between the maths and the arts, but lately I had a discussion, here on a blog, and there was this sharing that in old ages the math was considered to be a container of understanding divine beauty expressed in the proportion. Our universe is both beautiful and mathematic. And so there is no division really, only our illusion of it.
        Putting the philosophy aside, I consider any mental pattern as a habit. And as it is possible to drop some old habits and develop some new ones, so I believe that our software can be changed from what was installed in our young years – a lot of it. But constant change of mental habits. By baby steps, of course. When you can start to see your agency, even minimal, that you can change just a little thing, and then just a little again – this is the way to create changes in the life. Life is no less interesting than a museum 🙂


      • We stayed there about 12 years. It was very exciting at first : sun, sun, sun!!! Living outdoors 10 months out of 12. The sea everywhere. Provence, Italy and ski resort not far. But after a while, the politics of the city got on my nerves badly. The filth. The noise. The spirit of the city… Anyway when there were more cons than pros, it was time to go!

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      • Yeah, that’s why I asked. We were only one day there, and as much as I love every French town and city, and as many illusions I had about Marseille – sad to state I would not go back. Like you say, noisy, messy, such a strange vibe, like an old noisy dirty gypsy. Sorry! First view of the harbor was watching a bad fight there, in the middle of the day.
        I love the south of France and want to explore more, visiting again the new and old places – but this one I can pass by with an easy heart. So sad about what can happen to a city.

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      • There are good Things too. But you’be got to know the rules to play there. It is a unique city – apart from the rest of France. There are pieces of it I miss everyday but to sum it up, I refused to pay taxes there anymore!!


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